Create photo mosaics with Qmos

Create your own mosaics downloading Qmos.


Also take advantage of image libraries in the "download" section

Create your own mosaics with Qmos


Qmos is a free software allowing you to convert an image into a mosaic of images.

From an library of images which will become mosaic tiles, the software reconstructs the initial image by using these tiles.

To make closer the reconstructed image to the original image, Qmos analyzes each tile then ajust them in the best way, by applying rotations, symmetries, and by changing hue of each tile to match better to the reference image.

Use of the software is simple, but some advanced settings can generate highly customized compositions.

Note that it is also possible to create interactive mosaics, where you can click on each tile to see larger format. This kind of mosaic can be opened in a web browser (example).

Software features

Here is a list of main software features: